Chané is a BA Communication Designer, who’s work has expanded across multiple industries. She has travelled across the globe for her craft and takes inspiration from the various cultures and cities that inspire her. Driven by the freedom of abstract art, Chané has chosen this medium as a means to share the joy that creating brings to her. Organic shapes and vibrant colour hues help tell a story by both the artist and viewer. Each artwork is curious and open for interpretation - as art cannot be assigned a formal function.

“We collaborate with others who value convergence culture between art and music. Every order has specially curated playlist to include more than one of our five senses. ”


 Eventually, she would like to see the business pioneer platforms for artists who are doubting whether or not they should put their work out for the public consumer. Sometimes artists overthink the validity of their work and if its enough to hold space, and therefore talk themselves out of so many positive outcomes.